Regent’s Thought Leadership Series was created in April 2012 by a group of academics with research interests spanning economics, strategic management, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, organizational development, sustainability, and design.

Our mission is to lead the conversation among Regent’s academics, business executives, and other thought leaders to improve the practice of management and its impact in a changing global world.

This blog features working papers by the members of the Regent’s College London academic community across different management and organization disciplines.  All published papers have been selected based on the following criteria:

  • They have a business practitioner focus;
  • They are engaging, but academically rigorous;
  • They deal with contemporary business, economic, managerial, technological, or political issues;
  • They are managerially and operationally relevant; and
  • They provide added managerial value;

The editorial committee is always keen to receive feedback from readers.  You can also leave your comments on our Facebook page.

Editorial committee members:

  • Mikko Arevuo, strategy and economics, editor-in-chief
  • Nigel Brown, management and organization
  • Isabel Canto de Loura, sustainability
  • Kaye Foskett, marketing/social marketing
  • Orit Gal, political economics
  • Thomas Morgan, design
  • Michael Talalay, political economics and innovation

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